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Hey guys, hope you all had a great Christmas. I've spent the last few days working on a project that I've been meaning to do for ages. I designed and developed this which was pretty interesting to say the least.

In short I've created a RSS aggregator that pulls in several fashion, tech and food blogs (mostly the blogs I read on a day to day basis) and I would really love some feedback on it.

Here is the link http://tailor.is/

If it's your thing then great, check it out, if not then no worries.

Thanks in advance.


  • Kevin RabinovichKevin Rabinovich, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )
    • Love the overall speed and responsiveness.
    • Some of the text can be a bit hard to see, like the date here: Imagine you can't see the date.
    • Personally, I don't like when hovering over something triggers an overlay (even thought it's pretty trendy)—it makes the content harder to see. I think Panda 4 solves this problem in a very nice way (I would even go as far as making the background of the details pane a little translucent): [Detail pane of an “Inspiration” item in Panda 4.](hhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/f.cl.ly/items/322o1n3O113e0r0J453w/Panda_4.png)
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    • , 8 years ago

      Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the feedback—some really good points. There is definitely a lot of stuff that I'm wanting to change in terms of design, so thanks!

      PS. Good shout on Panda 4!

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