What's Your Portfolio Story?

5 years ago from , Designer, Made by Porter

Morning DN!

So I was just wondering, what's your story behind the design and development of your portfolio? For the sake of argument, lets remove all pre-built portfolios (Behance, Wordpress templates, etc) from the scenario. Also, post your portfolio link, so we can have some visuals in our heads while reading, lol.

The Details: What's your story behind building your portfolio? Did it take a weekend or two years (thats me, lol)? Were you working full time at a gig or were you stressing out looking for a job? What about process? Did you follow a process you usually do with clients or did you jump right into Sketch?

My reason is because I've always had trouble building my own portfolio site. I know HTML/CSS/JS/Sketch/Photoshop. I feel sometimes it just never gets done because of paid work. Other times, I'll get some wireframes started, and then Ill spot a super dope portfolio in the wild and then I want to design a new version of my own shit.

The only reason why I have a portfolio up now is because I had that situation where I was laid off and needed a new portfolio up quickly. Im not that proud of my current portfolio website, but it got the job done and got me some work.

Now, I'm working on a new portfolio site to add some "UX" stuff, such as case studies. People want to see your process, but this is where Im usually stuck. So I want to learn how others build their portfolio.

What's your story?

ahh: http://www.madebyporter.com