Ask DN: Moving from Freelance to Corporate

almost 6 years ago from , Nowhere

I have recently been hired by a large Australian financial institute in their website management and development team. This will be my first experience in any sort of corporate environment and I'm badly in need of some advice.

Have any of you made the jump and if so what should I be expecting? From what I have heard and seen so far the team is all relatively young (~24 Years Old) and there seems to be quite an open feel to the way the team works which surprised me during the first few meetings we had.


  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, almost 6 years ago
    1. Be nice.

    2. Have a clear set of goals from your line manager. It helps when it comes to appraisals and pay-rises :).

    3. If there isn't a culture of design try and be the one who creates it.

    4. Be a team player.

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