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almost 6 years ago from , Creative Director at Deciduous

I'm starting a new magazine and would like your input on the concept. It's going to be a themed magazine, each issue covering a different aesthetic. For example, the first issue is focused on Geometric Design, whereas another issue may focus on digital watercolor or propaganda/street art.

It will include ten or so pieces that you can tear out and hang in your workstation for inspiration each issue. I'll be interviewing several designers and artists surrounding that aesthetic to give people an idea of who's behind the look and why.

I would love to get some designer eyes on the project. Please let me know if this is a magazine you would want as well as what you would like to see added or subtracted from this concept. You can check it out at www.designlookbooks.com

Thanks for your help!


  • Account deleted almost 6 years ago

    I'm currently doing the exact same thing, although it's completely digital and less focus on tutorials. Will keep an eye on this, looks lovely :)

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  • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, almost 6 years ago

    I think this is a fantastic idea! I signed up for the newsletter.

    My largest concern is in the visuals, and less on the text, so if it's well curated and visually centric, you've got my vote!

    My suggestion would be perhaps having a summary quote of some kind before the meat of the artists message. Inspired by NNGroup (http://www.nngroup.com/articles/video-usability/), it was always a feature I appreciated anywhere I saw it.

    Looking forward :)

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    • Danny GuggerDanny Gugger, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback Michael. For the pieces that are torn out, I plan to print some basic info about the designer and the piece on the back so you can reference it even once it's torn out. I also plan to set each designer up with a brief backstory. Thanks for your interest!

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  • Chris FreesChris Frees, over 5 years ago

    Very cool! I'll definitely buy a subscription when it comes out

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    • Danny Gugger, over 5 years ago

      Thanks! I'll hold you to it:) jk. Thanks for your support! Since you're signed up I'll keep you posted!

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  • Haik AvanianHaik Avanian, almost 6 years ago

    An interesting premise for sure. I would advise including a bunch of free sheets where people can sketch things out as well. Could be a nice 'process tool' for people.

    Also make sure you add a favicon :)

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    • Danny GuggerDanny Gugger, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks for the idea! Do you think people would prefer to have blank sheets in the magazine itself or to keep the magazine on hand while sketching in their own beloved sketchbook?

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  • Crampa ...Crampa ..., almost 6 years ago

    Cool idea! Don't forget to make PDF versions available as well. Magazines are inconvenient in some situations.

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    • Danny Gugger, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks! I most likely will have an e-version as well. I'd like to offer it as a lower level incentive for kickstarter funding.

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  • Pauline SPauline S, almost 6 years ago

    Great idea! I love that you will include pieces that can be torn out. I'm hoping you will deliver to the UK.

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    • Danny GuggerDanny Gugger, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks Pauline! I'm really trying to make international shipping work because we have a few UK designers like Tobias Hall in the magazine and a bunch from Melbourne, Germany, Belgium, etc... It may be a little extra but I'll try and make it work:)

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  • daniel davidsondaniel davidson, almost 6 years ago

    Wow one of the best ideas I've heard of this year! Can't wait to get my first issue. Something I truly appreciate as an aspiring designer!

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