• John CanelisJohn Canelis, over 5 years ago

    This is so nice. Super clean. Love the changing NPM phrases on top-left. 'Nerds Produce Money'

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    • Adam WintleAdam Wintle, over 5 years ago

      ha thats a nice touch! :) found all of the phrases in the JS:

      module.exports=[ "Nacho Pizza Marinade", "Nacho Portion Monitor", "Naked Panda Muffin", "Namely, Pickled Meatballs", "Nancy's Preferred Machete", "Napping Panda Missionaries", "Narwhals Poke Mammals", "Nasty Polka Music", "National Patience Month", "National Pest Management", "National Poetry Month", "Natural Pacifist Manatees", "Naughty Push Message", "Nautical Pea Maker", "Nearly Pooped Myself", "Neatly Positioned Magazines", "Necessitates Proper Modularity", "Need Package Maintenance", "Neighbourhood Party Manager", "Neoanthropic Preternatural Murmurings", "Neologistic Paraphasic Mumbling", "Nerdiest Political Manifesto", "Nerds Produce Money", "Nerdy Pun Mavens", "Never Panic Much", "Never Piss-off Me", "Never Poke Monkeys", "Never Program Mad", "Never Punch Manticores", "New Powerful Machines", "Newly Paranoid Maintainers", "Newts Parading Majestically", "Nice paintings, Mondrian", "Nice Pants, Man", "Nice Parakeet Marriage", "Nice People Matter", "Nice Pottery Mug", "Nicer Perusal Method", "Niche Portobello Mushroom", "Nietzsche's Preposterous Moustache", "Niffty Pony Merchandise", "Nifty Pun Master", "Nihilist Pocket Monsters", "Nimble Polyglot Microcosm", "No Package Mishaps", "No Potty Mouths", "No Prize Money", "No Problem Mate", "No Problem, Meatbag", "no problem, mon", "No Problematic Moustaches", "No Proscribed Meaning", "Nobody Packages More", "Nocturnal Parakeet Monitor", "Node Package Maid", "Node Package Manager", "Node Packaged Modules", "Node People Magic", "Node Powered Missiles", "Node Promiscuous Modules", "Noisy Pneumatic Mnemonic", "nom, please more", "Nominally Patriotric Meathead", "Non-Potable Macchiato", "Non-Printable Material", "Noncollinear Perpendicular Microcrystalline", "nonconformist propaganda machine", "Northern Pileated Marmoset", "Norwegian Polka Music", "Nosey Party Murderer", "Not Particularly Meaningful", "Notable Pottery Manufacturer", "Nouveau Print Maker", "Now Particularly Misnamed", "Now Printing Money", "Now Proudly Macho", "npm's pretty magical", "NPM: Package Manager", "Nuclear Planning Manual", "Nude People Meditating", "Nude Pokémon Magazine", "Nutella Peanut-Butter Marshmallow", "Nutty Penguin Music" ]

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      • Christian BundyChristian Bundy, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )
        console.log("* " + module.exports.join("\n* "));
        • Nacho Pizza Marinade
        • Nacho Portion Monitor
        • Naked Panda Muffin
        • Namely, Pickled Meatballs
        • Nancy's Preferred Machete
        • Napping Panda Missionaries
        • Narwhals Poke Mammals
        • Nasty Polka Music
        • National Patience Month
        • National Pest Management
        • National Poetry Month
        • Natural Pacifist Manatees
        • Naughty Push Message
        • Nautical Pea Maker
        • Nearly Pooped Myself
        • Neatly Positioned Magazines
        • Necessitates Proper Modularity
        • Need Package Maintenance
        • Neighbourhood Party Manager
        • Neoanthropic Preternatural Murmurings
        • Neologistic Paraphasic Mumbling
        • Nerdiest Political Manifesto
        • Nerds Produce Money
        • Nerdy Pun Mavens
        • Never Panic Much
        • Never Piss-off Me
        • Never Poke Monkeys
        • Never Program Mad
        • Never Punch Manticores
        • New Powerful Machines
        • Newly Paranoid Maintainers
        • Newts Parading Majestically
        • Nice paintings, Mondrian
        • Nice Pants, Man
        • Nice Parakeet Marriage
        • Nice People Matter
        • Nice Pottery Mug
        • Nicer Perusal Method
        • Niche Portobello Mushroom
        • Nietzsche's Preposterous Moustache
        • Niffty Pony Merchandise
        • Nifty Pun Master
        • Nihilist Pocket Monsters
        • Nimble Polyglot Microcosm
        • No Package Mishaps
        • No Potty Mouths
        • No Prize Money
        • No Problem Mate
        • No Problem, Meatbag
        • no problem, mon
        • No Problematic Moustaches
        • No Proscribed Meaning
        • Nobody Packages More
        • Nocturnal Parakeet Monitor
        • Node Package Maid
        • Node Package Manager
        • Node Packaged Modules
        • Node People Magic
        • Node Powered Missiles
        • Node Promiscuous Modules
        • Noisy Pneumatic Mnemonic
        • nom, please more
        • Nominally Patriotric Meathead
        • Non-Potable Macchiato
        • Non-Printable Material
        • Noncollinear Perpendicular Microcrystalline
        • nonconformist propaganda machine
        • Northern Pileated Marmoset
        • Norwegian Polka Music
        • Nosey Party Murderer
        • Not Particularly Meaningful
        • Notable Pottery Manufacturer
        • Nouveau Print Maker
        • Now Particularly Misnamed
        • Now Printing Money
        • Now Proudly Macho
        • npm's pretty magical
        • NPM: Package Manager
        • Nuclear Planning Manual
        • Nude People Meditating
        • Nude Pokémon Magazine
        • Nutella Peanut-Butter Marshmallow
        • Nutty Penguin Music
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  • Noah StokesNoah Stokes, over 5 years ago

    Hi all. We (Bold - hellobold.com) are the team that worked on the new designs for npm. Thanks for all the great feedback!

    @dan hough - This is what the package page was planned to look like. http://npm.boldstaging.com/package.html The crew at npm may not have had time to implement those graphs, but hopefully they'll be coming soon!

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  • Dan HoughDan Hough, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Sooooo much better; great, even. Good job, NPM team!

    It's cleaner, easier to navigate, more relevant.

    The only thing missing is the graph of downloads over time. I wanna see how my package has been doing! :)

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  • Ben SpountzyBen Spountzy, over 5 years ago

    Much better... Clean design. I like

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