Ask DN: Designing for iOS and Android. First time!

6 years ago from , Designer

Hey DN,

I just found out I'll be designing a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. The designs shouldn't change too drastically, just ui adjustments so they both feel native. I have a few questions for you guys:

• How would you set up your files? I'm thinking one master Android file and one master iOS file.

•If this is best case, which sizes would these documents be? Which specific size/resolution for iOS? Which for Android? I don't have any experience with the 6/6+ or larger Android devices.

•Sketch or Photoshop? I tend to lean for Photoshop because I'm much quicker with the software and this deadline isn't exactly ideal.

•Exporting assets – In the past I've used a Photoshop plugin called CutandSliceMe, but it looks to be non compatible with Photoshop CC2014. What would you recommend for exporting assets in CC2014?

•Lastly, any advice, tutorials, tips or tricks is greatly appreciated.