• Aaron GrandoAaron Grando, almost 9 years ago

    Ad person here.

    Something I've sorta come to learn – I'm in my fifth year in the industry (so I'm not a newbie nor a wise, grizzled ancient) – is that advertising is cumulative. Any new format that gets invented will only be added to the pile of formats we have at our disposal. There is no way to replace ad formats with another ad format.

    Really, the only way ad formats change is that they follow the eyeballs of the audience elsewhere. But eyeballs are all over and it's rare that eyeballs stop looking at something after they get used to it. Your eyeballs are on, like, ten things right now. One of them is a website. Right next to you is a phone. In your bag on the floor next to you is a magazine. Behind you is a TV and outside your building is a store with windows. Within a mile of that, is long road out of your town.

    Every time someone puts an ad on any of those things, it doesn't replace the ad that came before it. It just adds up.

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    • dustin davis, almost 9 years ago

      Exactly. I just worry that the 'additive' lately seems to be building on the idea of delivering more effective subconscious advertising, which makes people react more poorly when they find out.

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