Ask DN: Login - external or popup?

6 years ago from , Web Designer

Hi guys, Have to redesign our header, and wanna have your feelings about something. Do you guys prefer to have an external login page by clicking on a sign up/sign in buttons, or simply a small popup (showing the login form) beneath the button ? and why?

Thanks :)


  • Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, 6 years ago

    Open in new window as default.

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  • Zac ColleyZac Colley, 6 years ago

    Have both.

    When JS isn't loaded it can take you to a static page.

    Also you can then share that URL and give less competent users less actions to log-in/sign-up.

    This depends on your users really.

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  • Seán MongeySeán Mongey, 6 years ago

    I usually prefer a separate page so then you can go directly to that address. Alternatively a hash address which automatically triggers the login popup could work too.

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