• Jay WycheJay Wyche, 5 years ago

    Is this an agency thing? I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk like this.

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    • Wojtek Wojtek , 5 years ago

      I guess you've never worked with idiots.

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    • Oz ChenOz Chen, 5 years ago

      I've worked at an agency and never heard this (nor anyone else who talk like this).

      I think this is just a parody about design/creative work in general and the author happened to use the word "UX", whereas this can easily be called "design bullshit" or "design jargon."

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  • Chris CamargoChris Camargo, 5 years ago

    Nice, but not as fun as uxdrinkinggame.com :)

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  • Patrick WongPatrick Wong, 5 years ago

    Now we just need a sketch plugin to generate these as blocks of content :)

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    • Ewen McCahonEwen McCahon, 5 years ago

      Why not UXBullshitAsAService? That way it could be used not only by a sketch plugin but also by developers who want bullshit in their apps as well? ~~~

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  • Barry Hand, 5 years ago

    Almost as bad as the bullshit Designvelopers come out with. Almost.

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