• Jack Morgan, 7 years ago

    I had some spare time over the weekend, so I created some concepts for Google Glass. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks to Allan for the invite, I really appreciate it.

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  • Dean HudsonDean Hudson, 7 years ago

    Very nice, these are beautiful and simple.

    The thin white text on the light overlay can get hard to read though. Also, I wonder if you would need a dark UI theme for low-light? I imagine the bright white text box would burn a hole in your retina when you're out at night…

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  • Zach SegalZach Segal, 7 years ago

    Nice work Jack, these were a lot of fun to imagine.

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  • Jens NikolausJens Nikolaus, 7 years ago

    Nice application!

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  • Matthaeus KrennMatthaeus Krenn, 7 years ago

    Cool. Now I'd be curious about some app concepts that don't follow the single-card interaction model exactly.

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  • Steven SarmientoSteven Sarmiento, 7 years ago

    love these, i also like the subtle message to google haha :)

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  • Miguel Solorio, 7 years ago

    These are great concepts, simple and highly usable. Would love to see a video demo of these in action.

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