• David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, almost 6 years ago

    Hey designers, I’m David from Awkward, the company that created Beam. Happy to answer any questions and please post any feedback you have.

    Happy redditting ;-)

    Thanks for posting Marco

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    • David BarkerDavid Barker, almost 6 years ago

      Nice app, David!

      I'm not sure if you saw, but I posted it to /r/iphone and there have been a few comments/questions.

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    • Eren Emre .Eren Emre ., almost 6 years ago

      I use Alien Blue, not extremely happy with it. I’m not sure what are Beam’s differences from Alien Blue by just looking at your website. Perhaps telling that on your landing page could be really beneficial for potential users like myself.

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      • David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, over 5 years ago

        Try it out ;-)

        I'm not sure you can compare it though, because it's very... very different from Alien Blue. It's focussed on browsing and discovering content, nothing more.

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  • Kyle PapkeKyle Papke, almost 6 years ago

    Hi, I tried out your app and I like the design approach. Unfortunately it crashed about 5 times for me in the span of a few minutes. So I'm deleting the app, but I may try it again in the future when it is more stable.

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  • Lewis FludeLewis Flude, almost 6 years ago

    I'm glad you made this, and I'll be giving it a try. Love the icon for starters!

    I think there are some questionable design decisions behind Alien Blue and generally, it feels really bloated and sluggish.

    Take this example: https://twitter.com/lewisflude/status/527783047937409024

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    • David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, almost 6 years ago

      Thanks Lewis.

      Alien Blue is awesome and offers a lot of great features. We on the other hand, as the new kid on the block, want to offer a simple and easy to use reddit client, with features Alien Blue hasn't covered (like discovering subreddits).

      Any suggestions you have to improve Beam would be helpful!

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      • Andy LeeAndy Lee, almost 6 years ago

        Hey there David, this app looks fantastic so far after just a few minutes of using it.

        One quick usability nice-to-have that I would suggest: When you're scrolled down a page, double-tapping the "home" or "beam" icon should scroll you back up to the top of the respective pages.

        This is expected behavior for most iOS apps, I believe, and you can see it at work in the Twitter app, if you want an example.

        Another thing I'm curious about is how you're generating the header images for specific subreddits. I visited the Dota 2 subreddit and the header was a screenshot of a Steam review, which wasn't very good-looking or useful. I know it's a lot of work, but maybe you should think about curating those header images for the bigger subreddits to make sure that they're relevant.

        Another nice-to-have is the ability to see your account karma. It'd be a nice touch!

        Best of luck with the app, it'll be my daily driver for a bit while I test things out! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Ed AdamsEd Adams, almost 6 years ago

      +1 on Alien Blue's weirdness. In particular, that part of the UI is laughably terrible and I'm a bit surprised Apple even let it through. I believe "poorly designed" is one of their criteria for denying apps.

      I'll give this new client a whirl then, why not?

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      • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, almost 6 years ago

        I have seen much more poorly designed than that get through.

        But that diagonal bar is the worst. I'm a lefty and even on lefty mode it puts them all vertically down the right. What? I have the turn Classic UI on in the settings.

        Even that Reddit AMA app seems way over designed.

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        • Lewis FludeLewis Flude, over 5 years ago

          Both Alien Blue and Reddit AMA seems to have been designed in an incredibly unconsidered way. Certain inconsistencies make both those apps feel amateurish, and in addition there are certain aesthetic decisions which I really dislike for a variety of reasons.

          That cheap feeling when something is made different for the sake of "making it pop". However, I don't believe Reddit (as a company) value design that much (as evident with their simple, yet inconsistent UI). I don't have a problem with this, as I believe the undesigned feel that Reddit has comprises a huge part of it's identity.

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        • Chris ColemanChris Coleman, over 5 years ago


          The diagonal bar is not the worst. The arrow button to close things is the worst.

          Alien Blue has completely lost me.

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  • Adam WAdam W, over 5 years ago

    Very easy to use — nice and simple, good work!

    Couple things though. • Is there any way to change the app color from pink? • Any way to display only post titles (hide image previews from feed) • A good number of posts do not display images, but have an empty space where one would be.

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    • David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, over 5 years ago

      Thanks Adam!

      We submitted a new version to the App Store, which will fix a couple of bugs and it'll increase performance.

      Thanks for the other suggestions! Changing colors might be getting into a new version any time soon.

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  • Valentin ProstValentin Prost, over 5 years ago

    I love the simplicity compared to Alien Blue, keep it simple it's awesome. :)

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  • David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, over 5 years ago

    A new version (1.0.1) is now available in the App Store, that includes a new app icon, improves performance and fixes bugs.


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  • Chris ColemanChris Coleman, almost 6 years ago

    A normal list view option would be nice. I don't want to load every image. A thumbnail is usually fine. Sometimes you really don't want to see the images right away anyway. Some subs use the title as the setup and the image as the punchline. Right now, it seems like way too much emphasis is on the image. This really goes against the expected experience.

    Barring the ability to see a list, swipe gestures (to hide, vote, report, etc.) are absolutely necessary. I'm finding myself swiping all over this thing with no results. 90% of Reddit, even on the subs I subscribe to is garbage. I want need to be able to hide stuff easily.

    Oh, and an iPad version when you can get to it would be great.

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    • David van LeeuwenDavid van Leeuwen, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

      Thanks for the great feedback Chris! You bring valid points and we'll probably ship an ipad version soon.

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      • Chris ColemanChris Coleman, almost 6 years ago


        I can't wait for an iPad version. As I said in another comment, Alien Blue has totally lost me with its interface lately. Their iPad version had an odd interface to begin with, and now it's odd in like four different ways, including really stinking of iOS 6 these days.

        For what it's worth, I frequent r/thesimpsons. Half the fun is users setting up the image with a line from the scene. Seeing the image first feels very different!

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  • Stefan TrkuljaStefan Trkulja, almost 6 years ago

    Too pretty for my taste. :) A big part of reddit's charm is in its design approach.

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  • li zli z, over 5 years ago


    The picture + the bottom title = awkward.

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  • Alexis CreuzotAlexis Creuzot, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    If you're into this kind of navigation, I also made an app for Reddit, Reddito.

    Here is it in action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnu_CZ60mkw

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