Why haven't Facebook fixed the problem with people tagging their friends on content

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You know what I'm talking about, when someone posts a funny or interesting video on Facebook, you go to the comments to see what people thought of the video, and all you can see are peoples' names, tagged by their friends—as well as memes saying things like "Brace yourself, comments with people tagging their bestfriend's are coming".

Are Facebook addressing this issue? Or is it a non-issue for them?


  • remona kashyap, over 2 years ago

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  • Sam GarsonSam Garson, over 6 years ago

    Is this an issue?

    I mean, I really don't like it either but doesn't that come under censorship, limiting what people can comment like that?

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    • Andy Smith, over 6 years ago

      I think it's an issue, it's taking away the value of comments in my opinion.

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      • Sam GarsonSam Garson, over 6 years ago

        (for the reccord, I'm playing devils advocate here..)

        a) in your opinion it's taking away the value of the commenting system, but in their opinion that's what they use Facebook for a lot of the time.

        b) Do people who's tweets are mostly hashtags take away the value of twitter? In some people's opinion, yes. But limiting what people can write in a system which is largely based on free speech to a certain extent is pretty unacceptable imo..

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        • Andy SmithAndy Smith, over 6 years ago

          I wasn't talking about censoring the comments, I just thought they could add a feature to "tag friends" or something. Give people who purely want their friends to see the content that option. If some choose not to use that feature, fair enough, by all means they're welcome to write their friends names in the comments. But it might help to clean them up and offer a feature for what people are wanting to do.

          There must be a better way, is all.

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