Photoshop CS5/CC Shortcuts

7 years ago from , Web Designer

I am trying to improve my workflow by being more efficient and learning new useful keyboard shortcuts. I thought this could help a few.

Mac Photoshop Creative Cloud:


Mac Photoshop CS5:


For PC just replace mac with "pc" in the URL. I still use Photoshop for my mock-ups and I know a few others still do.


  • Luc PestilleLuc Pestille, 7 years ago

    My top PS efficiency tip is to re-map Ctrl+R (PC) to 'Rename', rather than toggling the rulers. Saves me hours of double clicking layers...

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  • Chris HerbertChris Herbert, 7 years ago

    My fav: Remap Ctrl+Z (Cmd+Z) to Step Backward instead of Undo

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, 7 years ago

    Set your own shortcut for trim, I use ctrl+alt+option+t

    Saved many a mouse mile

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  • Lee Fuhr, 7 years ago

    I use control-option-command as my sort of universal super-modifier key and throw my layer comp stuff on top of that.

    • ] … next layer comp
    • [ … previous layer comp
    • \ … new layer comp
    • p … rename layer comp
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    • Glenn McCombGlenn McComb, 7 years ago

      Those layer control options are great. The ones in the initial link to move a layer or group up or down are also good. If you hold shift while moving to the next or previous layer it will select multiple layers. Very handy.

      Shortcuts I commonly use: - Expand / contract selection (useful for resizing marque box selections). - Transform selection (useful for resizing marque box selections). - Inverse selection. - Align layer to vertical / horizontal centers of selection.

      Other things I do every time I set up photoshop: - In "Panel Options", turn off "Add "copy" to copied layers and groups". - In Preferences > Interface, turn off "Open new documents in tabs". The change to tabs never worked for me.

      Great initial link Brian, I found some useful shortcuts in there. Cheers.

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, 7 years ago

    Set F2 and F3 to move back and forth through Layer Comps. F4 to update a Layer Comp. This has been such an efficient way to deal with many page states in a PSD.

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