Ask DN: Isometric Maps - feedback ?

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Hi guys, Has anybody ever used a tool like Isometric Maps? ( http://isometricmaps.com/ ) I couldn't find anything on youtube about this. Is it as easy as they say ? How does it works on Illustrator? Feedback would be highly appreciated!

Thanks :)


  • Ramy WafaaRamy Wafaa, 6 years ago

    Hello Xavier, The isometric maps is an easy tool but you have to have illustrator knowledge if you want to edit it.

    you can easily just drag and drop (or copy and paste) the elements over the artboard in illustrator to create whatever map you like..if you want to create maps using html 5 you can also use the included SVG files.

    to edit and change the color of the elements you need to know illustrator as there's many layers within each element.

    you can create nice maps using it as you can see in this page ( we just added 2 new maps) : http://isometricmaps.com/how-to-use/

    we're also working now on creating a youtube video to explain how to use it and edit it .. also if you need any help don't hesitate to contact us: hello@isometricmaps.com

    Ramy W. Founder Isometric Maps

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    • Xavier LuyckxXavier Luyckx, 6 years ago

      Hey Ramy,

      Thanks for your quick reply and your explanation :) I'll check it out soon, and give it a try !

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