• Stephan Lenting, almost 9 years ago

    As an introvert myself, i find myself struggling from time to time with this. I believe the best thing introverts can do, is try to be themselves. And when the work environment does not support your personality, you should definitely talk (one-on-one) about it. If your employer is committed to your well-being, he or she will take this seriously and listen to your suggestions.

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    • Cat Noone, almost 9 years ago

      Stephan, I completely agree. A large portion of the time, I consider myself an introvert. At other times, I find myself walking the line (which is not a bad thing either). However, as an employer, being on both sides of the fence allows me to see how truly important it is to create an environment where every employee feels comfortable, productive, secure, and most importantly happy.

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