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    Beautiful work...

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    We are launching the Hall Developer Integration Fund . You could win up to $120,000 to help fund, build and develop an integration with your company and Hall. Currently we support integrations from Github, Trello, New Relic, Zapier, Asana and many more

    Integrations are a way to connect your favorite 3rd party softwares directly to Hall to streamline communication across teams, stay up to date on tasks, bugs, gits and tweets. Bringing all of your favorite services together in one place.

    Submissions are due by January 1st, 2015. One or more teams will be selected and granted funds to develop their integration. You will also get a chance to work with our Design Team at Hall to aid in any visual and user experience needs you have.

    Learn more on our Hall Blog

    As always I love your feedback!

    *Big shout out to Vincent Garreau for his dazzling particles, it really gave us the majesty we were looking for on the page. Salut!

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