Experimenting with Teespring

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Does anyone have experience using Teespring? I'm curious to know what your experiences were and what you think of the product, in general.

Also, not trying to pull a bait and switch, but I made a t-shirt to experiment with the product if anyone is interested. I'll keep you all updated!



  • Maurice CherryMaurice Cherry, 8 years ago

    I have mixed experiences with Teespring.

    I've set up clients with campaigns and I have friends who have had wildly successful campaigns with them.

    I used them a few months ago for a t-shirt campaign for my podcast, and it was a pain in the ass. They formatted my artwork wrong on the shirt, their customer service was terrible, and the account manager I worked with promised some services and then reneged on those.

    YMMV, obviously, but Teespring is too hit or miss for me to work with again.

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    • , 8 years ago

      Man - yeah I see what you mean. Did you end up selling any tshirts?

      Also, what's your podcast? Always looking for new things to listen to.

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      • Maurice CherryMaurice Cherry, 8 years ago

        I sold two shirts, but I think Teespring's minimum for printing is 15 or 20 shirts -- something like that. In the future, I'd probably use a custom order-to-print service like Printful or something like that.

        My podcast is called Revision Path -- it's your standard design interview podcast, but I also talk with developers, UX/UI people, indie game developers, etc. Just published my 50th interview a few weeks ago!

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