How to charge for a newspaper InDesign template?

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We have been asked to create a template for a newspaper supplement: - It should be around 15 pages with 5 different content templates. - At the same time it should be possible to create "free" pages by combining content building blocks with elements of images, text and info-graphics.

Especially the second part will be challenging and interesting. But our real problem is how to price it correctly?

Lets say we take a month to get it done - compared to the hundred of times the design will be used each year and thousand of times printed each day, an hourly pricing does not seem fair.

Does it make sense to price it per usage or printed supplement? Per template? Does there exist some best or know practice?

Any hints, pointer or ideas?

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  • Andreas EberharterAndreas Eberharter, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Made some more research and there are no real guidelines on this.

    There is an interesting Docracy Design License Agreement Template and some pointers about licensing from Jessica Hische.

    We are thinking about going with a base budget for the production and some addition depending on: territory; printed + digital; period of usage; distributed copies.

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