• Rıza Selçuk SaydamRıza Selçuk Saydam, over 6 years ago

    Really meaningful animations

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, over 6 years ago

    This is really good. I need to send this to my non-designer/developer co-workers.

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  • Jeremy StewartJeremy Stewart, over 6 years ago

    The animations are nice but the explanations are lacking. Seems like this wouldn't be incredibly helpful for a beginner.

    Responsive vs Adaptive web design It might seem the same but it isn't. Both approaches complement each other, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. Let the content decide.

    I don't think the animation alone is enough to explain, especially if the user doesn't/can't see the image (for any number of reasons).

    That said, I'd love the opportunity to copy edit this article and/or assist with adding explanations.

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  • Anna AndersoneAnna Andersone, over 6 years ago

    Nice list, Sandijs!

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