Looking for a basic/minimal blog platform

almost 7 years ago from , UI & UX Designer

Hi DN'ers! I'm designing my new portfolio on HTML5 & CSS3 and I'm looking for the best way to include a basic or minimal blog platform to write a little bit. Any recommendations?


  • Dave GreenDave Green, almost 7 years ago

    Hi Dave. A fellow Dave here.

    I'm doing the exact same thing at the moment. I wanted a basic site with a blog.

    I was originally going to go with Wordpress given that I'm a Front-end + Wordpress dev full-time: but I wanted to "hand roll" something rather than rely on a CMS so I went with Jekyll.


    I'm really enjoying it. The Liquid templating language is really straight forward and you can use HTML and Markdown.

    Jekyll + Grunt is a very, very powerful combination by the way!

    Hope this helps.


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