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almost 6 years ago from , Lead Designer Designer at Icalia Labs

I'm a design student based in Monterrey, México. I've always asked myself ¿What do people out of México think about the design from my country?

¿Do you know good designers from México?

¿What do you think is the most representative thing about mexican design?

Thanks folks.


  • diego fernandezdiego fernandez, almost 6 years ago

    I really admire the work of @TheDamianHdez, @Darkbop, @lulomx and @koeth (his illustrations are kawaii as fuck) who are based in Mexico. Oh yeah and @Holamarco who's in NYC.

    But I cannot say much about the "most representative thing of mexican design" because I haven't had the chance to work with anyone from Mexico... yet. And choosing la crème de la crème of design in Mexico and LatAm in general is kinda hard even at this point where we all are interconnected.

    I would really appreciate to get the chance to meet more and more representative people who craft things, so if you have interesting links don't hesitate, share them :D

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  • [deleted] , almost 6 years ago

    I've always enjoyed the consitancy of work by the following two studios...



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