Ask DN: Designer looking to up his game

almost 6 years ago from , Designer - Quilor.com

I've been working in my company for 6 years doing the same work, ie testing, with some breakout projects here and there. Stagnant might be a better word, so i'm thinking of taking a break and focus on what I want to do. Currently learning Sass, Compass, Github, some prototyping in Xcode. Any tips out there from my fellow designers and developers to bring me up to standard or even above and beyond?


  • Adam ConradAdam Conrad, over 5 years ago

    Learn to code. HTML/CSS/JS will go a long way in turning you into a unicorn.

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    • Roy QuilorRoy Quilor, over 5 years ago

      Unicorn i shall be. My HTML and CSS is pretty good. My JS level is finding libraries and snippets and editing them. Not really writing them from scratch.

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