Designers, how did you learn 'non-presentational' JS?

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What's up DN?

So after having a chat with others from another post on DN, I decided to ask: Where's the best place for designers to learn development?

So here's the back story:

Today, I've just tried to create an app using Meteor. I've first tried to follow a bunch of tutorials on the internet, but for some reason, I'm always stuck. It seem as if there's a lot of missing things to learn between certain steps.

So I tried to learn by downloading Telescope, and creating something with that. I found out that I couldn't just "upload" the site using FTP to a regular host, I had to deploy. Now I'm stuck in a loop of "Damn, what should I do now?"

Yes I've work with many development teams as a designer, but I tried to just "design" and not get too involved with dev because I felt as if I would break something.

I have 13 years of HTML/CSS/Presentation jQuery, but of course none of that helps when it comes to development. Even when I go to basic Javascript learning sites such as CodeAcademy, I always felt there's something else I'm supposed to learn before Javascript or the vocabulary needs to be defined in a visual way for me to get it.


TL;DR: Designers, how did you learn Javascript, building apps, or anything that doesn't deal with opening a graphic software or coding basic HTML/CSS?


  • Brian Lovin, almost 6 years ago

    Honestly, things didn't really start to make sense for me until I started working on a full-stack web application. I don't pretend to even understand 1/10th of what's going on behind the scenes of Buffer, but being able to follow the flow of files, dependencies and methods has been immensely helpful.

    I also tried Meteor with the Telescope tutorial - that was really helpful. I think you're very close and just need to keep pushing. As far as deploying: that's just one of those things that you need to dive into with a beginner's curiosity. Remember the first time you heard "FTP" and thought "WTF?" - but here you are now, totally comfortable with the concepts of file transfers between you and a remote server. You'll get there with deploying as well.

    If you haven't already, give Heroku a shot. You can get a super basic web app set up on a heroku domain in minutes, with version control (git). Super slick and a really nice primer for designers-turning-developers like yourself.

    Hope this was helpful in some way, ping me if you have other ideas!

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    • Chris Porter, almost 6 years ago

      I've actually got something started at: http://freshtomatos.meteor.com.

      Using Telescope/Meteor, I've created a place where musicians in the music production industry can post content to learn about music production, spotlight on producers, beat making videos, etc.

      Thanks for your help as I definitely just need the push to keep on forward.

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