• Tom WoodTom Wood, 6 years ago

    Great stuff. Good insight into the pressures of being pulled in a gazillion different directions by your users.

    Also a great "tick" in the "reasons to work remotely" column. Love that it's working so well for them.

    They're righty held up as an example to everyone, and to achieve what they have in the face of the Adobe beast is nothing short of outstanding.

    The David to Adobe's Goliath. Go get 'em!

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  • Kelly SuttonKelly Sutton, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Pieter from Bohemian (the creators of Sketch) for this week's interview. I would say it's the best one yet!

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  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 6 years ago

    I found the next-to-last question very interesting. Shows how a small product can become a big deal thanks to one or two mishaps from the market leader.

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  • Shuo Yang, 6 years ago

    Great interview, glad to see the creators of Sketch's thoughts on future of our design tools.

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  • Adam T.Adam T., 6 years ago

    Great article. Definitely need to view that page at 125% to read it though :p

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