• Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Very cool! Off topic, but I'm assuming this was at a US McDonalds? I only ask as from any of the ones I've ever been to (I'm from Canada), I've always asked for the name of the meal or items themselves (Not meal numbers. "A Big Mac" instead of "A number 3"), and then just wait off to the side to get my order (No waiting for an order number to be called out).

    Is the way things go in this video pretty standard practice in the US, or perhaps it's just at larger/busier McDonalds?

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    • Johnny Lam, over 5 years ago

      Yes, this was at a US McDonalds location.

      It's standard practice in most US restaurants to order using item #s or just naming the item you want to order. You received a receipt with your order number and wait for it to be called to be picked up.

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      • Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, over 5 years ago

        Thanks for the reply. That's good to know should I ever make a trip to the states and don't want to look odd when ordering at a restaurant!

        It's probably a better system anyways. Saving a small amount of time just asking for a meal by number instead of it's full name, and only having to listen for a meal number instead of the full meal name, or having the staff member at the cash register just look at you and then point to your food.

        Adding to that, paying with Apple Pay would seem to speed up the process even further. (It looked like there was a slight hickup initially in your video?) I've always noticed that McDonalds debit machines seem to be faster than most places I pay with debit/credit at, but they seem to take roughly the same amount of time as paying with cash instead. Would you say the process feels faster using Apple Pay instead of either regular debit or paying with cash?

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  • Johnny LamJohnny Lam, over 5 years ago

    From what I heard, if you use a debit card using Apple Pay, the terminal machine will ask you for your PIN.

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