• Joel CalifaJoel Califa, almost 9 years ago

    Radiolab + 99% Invisible = joy

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  • Adrian AghiniteiAdrian Aghinitei, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    It's not related to design, but I would recommend anyone listen to "This American Life". It contains stories from regular people in the USA about life and everything. It's really, really good.

    Some episodes I would suggest you try:

    • 206: Somewhere in the Arabian Sea;
    • 241: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes;
    • 360: Switched At Birth;
    • 513: 129 Cars;
    • 482: Lights, Camera, Christmas!
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    • Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

      My lady and I drive across the country once a year and listen to This American Life almost to whole way. It's great.

      When the sun goes down we turn on Neil deGrasse Tyson's Star Talk podcast. But only when it is dark.

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    • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, almost 9 years ago

      Along those likes, the people who product TAL have just started a new show called "Serial" that focuses the entire season on a single story. I've really enjoyed it so far.


      if you're interested, make sure you start with the first one!

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    • Tim Herbig, almost 9 years ago

      Nice Addition, Adrian. I have to give This American Life definitely a try as I love the show of Alex Blumberg, who produced TAL.

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  • Adam MartinAdam Martin, almost 9 years ago

    I'm such a podcast nerd. I subscribe to around 40, but the shows I never miss an episode of include:





    Also, I started a show about designers, entrepreneurs and more working in the sports industry or on sports related projects. Interviews include Under Armour's Team Sports Creative Director, a Senior Concept Developer working on Augmented Reality at ESPN, multiple sports branding folks and more.

    Makers of Sport: Conversations at the Intersection of Sport & Creativity.

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  • Ivan BjelajacIvan Bjelajac, almost 9 years ago

    Stuff you should know is awesome and so is the Roosterteeth podcast which reminds me of Seinfeld with its randomness.

    I'd also recommend Still untitled featuring Adam Savage and the guys from Tested.com.

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 9 years ago

    My friend and I have recently launched a podcast based ok reviewing products from a design standpoint. What was the UX like? What about the aesthetics? And well even bring in the creators of the app sometimes.



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  • Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Nice list.

    For a while my top podcasts were: ShoptalkShow, The Big Web Show, The Web Ahead, The Vergecast

    ShoptalkShow still is great discussion and they cover a lot of the modern tools of the trade, but I find the, "like dude-man-bro", thing exhausting to listen to. I usually tap out at about three-quarters of the way through.

    The Big Web Show recently disappointed me when Jeffrey Zeldman recently spent half hour talking about how his CSS is terrible and that he had just started using Netflix the past year (seriously, how out of touch are you?). Also the pace of the show is pretty slow. Although, he gets big names* on the show and he asks great questions.

    The Web Ahead is a little more technical I think. Jen Simmons does a great job talking about responsive design, user experience, etc.

    The Vergecast is awesome.

    *geek/design "celebrity" makes me cringe

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    • Tim Herbig, almost 9 years ago

      Thanks, Kevin! I love the Vergecast as well, but prefer looking the videos of it - since the recent revamp, they decided do don't offer the podcast audio only. So I'm currently consuming it only on their site and not as a Podcast.

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  • Matthew RoundellMatthew Roundell, almost 9 years ago

    Mine tend to be a bit varied in subject matter, but really love the uprise of the podcast.

    Design & Tech– On The Grid Wired

    Self Improvement– Art of Charm Fat Burning Man The Model Health Show

    Sport– The Guardian: Football Weekly

    Business– Smart Passive Income Monocle: The Entrepreneurs

    Comedy– Radio 1: The Scott Mills Show Radio 1: The Greg James Show

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  • Cosmin BadeaCosmin Badea, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )
    • Unfinished Business
    • Let's Make Mistakes
    • Working Out (love Ashley and Paddy!)
    • Seanwes Podcast
    • The Freelance Web
    • 99% Invisible
    • Iterate
    • Think, Make, Sell
    • StarTalk
    • Know Brainer
    • Talk Nerdy
    • The Joe Rogan Experience
    • Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast
    • The Bugle
    • Radiolab
    • Hardcore History (coooome ooon with the next WWI episode!)
    • Hello Internet

    In the past I've had On The Grid.

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  • Adrian TavaresAdrian Tavares, almost 9 years ago

    I'm fairly new to podcasts but I've been loving Mixergy and radiolab.

    Mixergy is where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses. http://mixergy.com/

    Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. http://www.radiolab.org/

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  • Alex KetchAlex Ketch, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I'm a fan of On The Grid podcast, can come off as a bit self-righteous at times, but they cover a lot of relevant topics and tend to focus more on the higher level theoretical ideas, the professional practice of a moral designer, and other such existential dilemmas I tend to think about as well.

    I'd also second Ivan Bjelajac's recommendation for Stuff You Should Know and as others have mentioned 99% Invisible.

    I do have to say, more and more frequently I'm left feeling disappointed at how shallow the coverage of topics are at 99PI. I personally would prefer less frequent but longer episodes, to have time to actually cover subjects in depth—might be just me though.

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  • Shannon FoxShannon Fox, almost 9 years ago

    These are pretty good for anyone interested in startups - http://hearstartup.com/ all by Alex Blumberg from This American Life. The site's also pretty easy on the eyes.

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  • Bryant HughesBryant Hughes, almost 9 years ago

    10K Hours podcast is fantastic, definitely give that one a listen: http://www.10khrs.co/

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