• Dwayne CharringtonDwayne Charrington, almost 7 years ago

    Wow. I guess what they say about Apple fanboys is true, I got creepy chills reading this post. I am not hating on Eric, but man, let us not mask what Yosemite really is: an abomination of design.

    Before people assume I am a PC toting hippie, I am a Mac user and yes, I recently upgraded to Yosemite because it is inevitable that you will need it as older versions stop being supported. But there are so many things about Yosemite to dislike.

    When Microsoft released Windows Vista, it was absolutely torn apart by the community (especially designers). The widgets sidebar, use of transparency and other useless UI sugar that added nothing to the experience, so much so, that in Windows 7, Microsoft went back to the drawing board and realised they had made a big mistake.

    Looking at Yosemite and it looks like a combination of Windows Vista and a Wireframe... Hate to be harsh, but Mavericks easily looks better than Yosemite. I can not possibly see how a high resolution screen makes Yosemite any more better or fixes the shortcomings in some of the parts of the UI.

    I am using a retina display MacBook Pro (late 2014 model) and the text does look great, but so many parts of it do not look great, no matter how many pixels my screen has. My high resolution screen does not make Yosemite enjoyable to me.

    I would call Apple's approach to design arrogant. Not forward thinking or revolutionary. Nothing about Yosemite is revolution or forward thinking. Don't get me started on the new Spotlight field that sometimes gets lost when you bring it up and you happen to have a website or application with a lot of grey and white behind it, it gets lost.

    They completely forgot about the dashboard section, the widgets still have rounded corners and gradients, looking out of place from the rest of the OS.

    Seems Apple get a free pass when they screw up, other companies like Microsoft or Google get absolutely grilled when they take an existing product and change it too much, people are not afraid to criticise other companies, Apple fanboys absolutely scare me.

    Can we just be honest for a moment and admit that Apple have screwed up here and they need to significantly fix many aspects of Yosemite for it to be the future OS this post proclaims it is?

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    • Kristian KrisaKristian Krisa, over 6 years ago

      Personaly i would go further. Since apple fired Scott Forstall and made Jony Ive head of graphic design... their ux/graphics quality went realy downwards. It seems like there is someone charge who realy isnt a graphic designer but.. industrial designer?

      Seriously i was no big fan of skeumorphism before iOS7 but it was so much more understandable than its now. I dont understand how they can allow to make UX worse than in iOS6. And significantly worse, nobody remembers now, but there are so many wrong things in iOS7 ux and visual design.

      All that parallax gimmick and fucking ugly glass. Seriously the same fucking glass that was in Windows Vista the shittiest OS ever. I know everybody thinks Apple can do it better than Microsoft, sure but the whole idea doesnt bring anything useful to the table.. transparency of menus etc is just distracting.

      And the whole Helvetica thing? Seriously anybody who went through some typography education knows that it is a powerful typeface but for day to day functional usage.. not so much. There are much better choices for that. And the retina argument doesnt change anything, yes it will make it much sharper but the problem is helvetica set too small and..


      Now all that and more comes to Yosemite. And the problems starts to show up even more. And they ripped quicksilver/alfred in the process. Thumbs up.

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      • Lloyd WonderLloyd Wonder, over 6 years ago

        I'm late to this post but I'd like to say Vista is an alright OS. It set the ground for Windows 7 which isn't all that different from it but is superior.

        A lot of the hate it gets is just residual bandwagoning. Everyone loved XP but Vista had the same missteps XP did in the beginning.

        I also take offense to the comment you replied to, as a pc toting hippie.

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  • Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, almost 7 years ago

    Its interesting to see how people are willing to justify almost everything what Apple does as good design and nitpick on everything else made by other companies hence disregarding it as mediocre/poor design.

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  • Kai HuangKai Huang, almost 7 years ago

    Call me a fanboy, but I agree with everything in this post. There are some things in Yosemite that leave me scratching my head, although I trust Apple and their designers in that they've thought long and hard about whatever it is they're designing.

    Maybe that means I'm part of the sheeple, but Apple has not yet proved me wrong thus far.

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  • Axel ClarkeAxel Clarke, over 6 years ago

    How difficult would it have been to have the font switch based on screen type? I have to believe that this change was at least partially motivated by the desire to make non-Retina screens look worse beside Retina screens.

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    • Kristian KrisaKristian Krisa, over 6 years ago

      That would be crazy if motivation realy was that they wanted people to upgrade their imacs :D

      Retina aside, there are still so many typefaces more suitable for interfaces than Helvetica. Apple can buy any fucking font in the world and make it theirs.

      I think there is huge amount of nostalgia going on with helvetica and they probably dont want to loose that.

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  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, almost 7 years ago

    I like this take; you could say Apple designs, in part, to propel its customers towards tomorrow as well. The cynical read on that is that they create frictions that are relieved only by upgrading before you might otherwise. That aside, this is what happens when you really do commit to the details, and thinking things through.

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  • Eric Karjaluoto, over 6 years ago

    Funny. When I wrote this post (in 2011) http://www.ideasonideas.com/2011/03/your-agency-on-pcs/ I was called a PC fanboi.

    When I wrote the linked post, I was called a Mac fanboi.

    And to think: I was just writing about my experiences—without love for any OS/brand.

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