Luff for iPhone - Manual photography made easy (feedback welcomed)

6 years ago from , UI Engineer at Fetchnotes

Hey DN!

I launched a manual camera app this week and I'd love to get some feedback :D

More info: http://luff.io/ App Store: http://appsto.re/us/BMpk3.i

It's super MVP right now, but I plan on adding things like: - Custom white balance - Review feature (see/review/delete photos from within app) - Composition grids - Spirit level

Thanks, folks!


  • Nic RegisNic Regis, 6 years ago

    I had downloaded Manual last week and immediately fell in love with it. I imagine now that Apple has opened up the functionality of the camera a bit more, we'll be seeing more of these kinds apps hit the store.

    That being said, I definitely like your UI more than Manual's. I have yet to use it, but just purchased and downloaded. Looking forward to see what you'll add in the future.

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    • Giles Van GruisenGiles Van Gruisen, 6 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words, Nic! If you do end up enjoying Luff, please consider leaving an App Store review. No pressure. Cheers :)

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  • Olivier WilliamsOlivier Williams, 6 years ago

    I'm curious to know how Luff is different to http://shootmanual.co/ that launched two weeks ago?

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    • Giles Van GruisenGiles Van Gruisen, 6 years ago

      Hi Olivier!

      Thanks for your reply.

      Manual for iPhone is a really great app. They beat me to launching, that's for sure! But I find their controls for exposure and ISO a bit difficult to use when compared to sliders with fine-scrubbing.

      Manual also uses exposure and ISO stops which lock you at certain exposure values. These stops exist in the first place due to SLR and DSLR hardware constraints.

      With iPhone and touch-sensitive displays, there's really no reason to still have exposure stops. Luff's sliders let you achieve any exposure duration.

      Last I checked, Manual also doesn't let you shoot faster than 1/2000 of a second. I've found that to even be too slow when shooting on a really bright day.

      Manual is still, admittedly, more feature-complete than Luff, but I hope to catch up to them soon :D

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      • Drew AlbinsonDrew Albinson, 6 years ago

        I love Manual but I'm all for a little healthy competition. One thing neither of these apps seem to consider is where UI elements land on iPhone 6 and 6+ in portrait mode. As a new 6 user I never know how to deal with buttons on the top row when I'm using my phone in portrait as my thumb can't reach (and I even have large hands).

        Focus and white balance locks are two features that VSCO does really well and Manual doesn't achieve on.

        My only question with your app is how do you switch to facetime camera? I can't find that feature in the UI previews.

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        • Giles Van GruisenGiles Van Gruisen, 6 years ago

          Hi Drew! I heard something similar from an iPhone 6 user, so I'll have to think of something, possibly moving the controls row next to the shoot button for larger devices.

          Currently there's no way to switch cameras in Luff, but it's something I'd like to add soon. There may be implications for level of control with the different cameras, so I didn't want to just throw in a flip button and possibly result in crashes. Thanks for reminding me, though!

          Do you mind clarifying a bit what you mean by Focus and WB locks?

          Thanks for the feedback!

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          • Drew AlbinsonDrew Albinson, 6 years ago

            Hi Giles,

            Yeah I think a larger screen solution for your portrait UI would be well received. Focus locks mean that you can choose a focal point and lock it on that area, it doesn't always work so well. The normal Camera app does this too but it usually will try to refocus as soon as you let go of your focal point. VSCO maps exposure and focus separately (using multi-touch), as do some other apps. WB lock in VSCO is used so that once you get the correct WB (from pointing at a light source, neutral, etc.) it looks that WB value.

            These features aren't very rich in VSCO but are a good starting point. If they could be expanded on something like Luff or Manual it would provide a much more customized and intuitive experience for pro photogs.

            Hope that helps.

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  • muhammad usmanmuhammad usman, 6 years ago

    I just want this to be constructive, so one thing I noticed is for a photo app, the first thing I look at before I buy is screenshots. If the screenshots look great, with pleasant photographs, I want to buy the app. So, add as many screenshots as possible.

    See vsco: https://itunes.apple.com/app/vsco-cam/id588013838?ls=1&mt=8

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  • Jake FlemingJake Fleming, 6 years ago

    This is actually pretty rad. I definitely love the simplicity of it, too. MVP all the way.

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    • Giles Van GruisenGiles Van Gruisen, 6 years ago

      Thanks, Jake! I was going to add more features before release but then my buddy convinced me to just get it out and then push updates incrementally. Otherwise I'd probably never have shipped haha

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