Xcode for Designers - new content and DN discount!

almost 9 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Designers.how

A few weeks ago we released Xcode for Designers, an introductory course to help designers like me create their first app, and learn about the process and basics of Swift through doing so. Knowing more about how your designs become reality will go a long way toward increasing your value as a designer, even if you don't dive completely into development. You'll be able to communicate with developers better and know the challenges they'll face implementing your designs.

The response to the course has been just awesome, with a lot of students branching out and doing their own versions of the app as well.

We just added some more content, and will be adding more lessons in the coming week. These include things like custom animations, saving data, and how to wrestle auto-layout.

We're also doing a DN-exclusive discount.. So if you're tired of passing your designs off to other people, and you want to get more involved in the process, go for it! Snag 20% off!