• Jarrod DrysdaleJarrod Drysdale, over 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting my article.

    Curious what other designers think—do you see a difference in your work after you put effort into becoming a better writer?

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    • Jeff HorschJeff Horsch, over 7 years ago

      I kept throwing ideas around in my head about interesting blog posts for my photography business.

      I finally started to dump these ideas into a writing app last week. At first my thoughts were scrambled all over the page. Slowly I began to organize my ideas to create some structure. It wasn't easy at first and I kept thinking about just quitting.

      However, I pushed on through to come up with a first draft. Now for the past few days I continue to edit until I feel it is at a stage where I feel comfortable publishing it.

      The writing process reminded me of web design in that my work continuously evolves. I felt is was very similar to web design in that you start with a bunch of ideas and then chisel away until you are left with the things/ideas that matter most. Also new ideas pop up as you write that you wouldn't have thought of originally. Each idea leads to new ideas.

      Perfection is unattainable, but most things in life can always be improved — no matter if the change is big or small.

      I'm just starting to write so this thread resonated with me. Here is post I will be publishing on social networks soon.


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      • Jarrod DrysdaleJarrod Drysdale, over 7 years ago

        Thanks for sharing this. Completely agree that learning to write is similar to learning design. Both are skills, and there are no shortcuts. You have to practice. (And in both cases with practice you do learn to work more quickly.)

        I really enjoyed your piece. I lived in Chicago for a couple years, so the nostalgia you described of the view from the tower was poignant. I especially love that you're writing this because you're taking photos of the city. SO cool to tell a story about a photo. Keep it up!

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