Ask DN: Portfolio case studies: how much is too much?

over 6 years ago from , Aspiring horse

I'm finally getting around to putting together a case study for the 18 months or so of work I did as the art director and lead designer at my last job, and am finding it very difficult to keep it brief without feeling like I'm understating my contribution.

I think part of my anxiety around it is due to the fact that it was my first really elevated role in a company, and I probably didn't completely deserve it when I was hired (though I'm plenty confident that I 'm more than qualified to take on a similar position at my next job). It's tough to strike that balance of "I learned a lot" and "I'm the shit—you'd be lucky to have me".

Of course I try to let the work speak for itself with nice images and links and everything, but it's all the semi-executive-level directorial stuff that's difficult to show, and so I'm finding myself trying to write it out. Which is maybe an alright solution, but it also kinda just feels like stuff best suited for a job interview. Especially when I'm trying to talk about directing art and design on five major tech platforms, countless print packages, and anything else you might see come from a fashion company.

How have you folks handled this kind of thing? Do you know anyone that's done it particularly well?