Ask DN: Does _blank inconsistency on DN bother you?

over 7 years ago from , is a designer

Obviously whether external links should open in new tabs/windows or not is a discussion that's one of the oldest discussions on the web and I'll not talk about that. But something's really bothering me about DN:

Inconsistency of opening links in new tab.

Homepage story links (external or internal): new tab Homepage comment links (internal): same tab Homepage MOTD links (external or internal): new tab Details page story links (external or internal): same tab

While I understand first two ( I can add them to my muscle memory), the last two; I always forget how they work. Often times I find myself lost in tabs, I close a tab thinking next open tab will be DN then I realize I clicked the link from a details page and there isn't any other DN tab.

I find this very confusing and against Don't Make Me Think principles.

As a user, I expect something simpler: if it's a story link, it's a new tab and if it's going to comments/details page, it's the same tab.

Maybe I'm overthinking but I wanted to see how you guys feel. Any thoughts?

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