• Jake Lazaroff, 6 years ago

    As an engineer hearing the word "magic" makes me very apprehensive… but I think for people who don't have as much experience—or as much interest—in the backend this could be fantastic. Node was the same when it came out: it let web developers use JavaScript, a language they were already used to, to build full web apps without relying on backend-specific engineers.

    I love what I do… but even more than that I love seeing it commoditized. It's really silly to see ideas die because people don't have the time to learn how to program in multiple different languages in multiple different environments. I'll just push myself to do things that services like Stamplay can't right now, and watch as people build awesome apps with the things that it can.

    Technology is exciting, yo :) kudos on what looks to be a great product.

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  • Jonathan KelleyJonathan Kelley, 6 years ago

    Charging for users? Horrid way to do business there. Just google 'Rails Tutorial' or 'Rails For Girls' you can do pretty much everything they offer in about 2-3 hours of tutorials.

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    • Morley ZhiMorley Zhi, 6 years ago

      That's like saying "why go out to eat, just Google a recipe and you can cook pretty much everything they offer in about 2-3 hours." Taking the backend server maintenance out of the equation (not to mention the detective work on figuring out how to integrate all those third parties) could be a huge timesaver for a lot of frontend devs.

      The product looks pretty polished, and I could see the value in using it to quickly bootstrap a project with a simple REST API and OAuth authentication. There are some things I would personally like out of the product -- like some text labels, since it's easy to get lost -- but it seems workable. And Stamplay is entitled to charge a price for what they offer.

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      • Jonathan KelleyJonathan Kelley, 6 years ago

        They are entitled to charge - completely agree!

        But I would say - use this for MVP's. Scaling this would be a nightmare in cost.

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  • Pierre de MillyPierre de Milly, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    My impressions so far :


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