• Ivan VásquezIvan Vásquez, over 7 years ago

    OP, can you help us with a bit of context here? what is this exactly?

    It's pretty cool, but I guess a lot of people will be left wondering what they're looking at.

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    • Nicola Rushton, over 7 years ago

      It's a visualisation of the brain's complex and beautiful network of connections - and being on Github it's also a demonstration of someone's awesome js skills ;)

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  • Vandy PaiVandy Pai, over 7 years ago

    This is super cool! Though I definitely thought it was associated with a specific activity and subsequent neurons firing.. which would actually make it a bit more interesting.

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  • Hardik Chandrahas, over 7 years ago

    It cud be good, if the viewer knows what activity is the body doing for this pattern of signals to be fired; if it could be associated with something

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