We're working on design projects in public.

over 7 years ago from , Founder at LayerVault

Yesterday I put a call out (http://bit.ly/ZMLvjF) to see how many designers would want to do some work out in the public and let us watch.

A ton of designers across varying timezones are participating. If they haven't started working yet, check again later or Watch their project for updates.

Here's what everyone's working on right now:

Justin Edmund - Foundation https://layervault.com/justin-edmund/Foundation%20(Public)

Tim Erickson - Browser Tap https://layervault.com/spiceapps/BrowserTap

Daniel Golden - Cure.org donation process https://layervault.com/daniel-golden/CURE%20Donate%20Process

Edouard Urcadez - Mornings https://layervault.com/edouard-urcadez/Mornings

Joseph Anderson - Chisel Homepage https://layervault.com/chisel/chisel%20Homepage

Tyler Howarth - Museum Monday https://layervault.com/pushd/MuseumMonday

Kyle Roderick - Build & Ship https://layervault.com/kyle-roderick/Build%20&%20Ship

Phil Pickering - The "madeby.io" Logo https://layervault.com/madebyio/logo

Daniel Herman - Android Call Center https://layervault.com/danielherman/Android%20Call%20Center

Zethus - iOS side project https://layervault.com/stackpop/Flow/

Kirtan Patel https://layervault.com/kirtan/Icon%20Redesign/

Allan Grinshtein — Designer News https://layervault.com/layervault/Designer%20News