Ask DN: Making the jump to "big" projects

9 years ago from , Designer at Molovo

I've been freelancing for 18 months now, I earn good money, I've built up a decent portfolio (http://molovo.co), but now I want to start working on larger, more team-based projects.

I know that going to an agency would be a good step in the right direction, but I can't afford to take the pay cut that would come as a result (at least in the UK). Does anyone have any other tips to help me get started in the right direction?


  • Joris RigerlJoris Rigerl, 9 years ago

    In my experience there's a couple of ways you can go about this. For one, you could go talk to an agency and start working for them on a freelance/project basis. You won't have to take a pay cut and will be able to work closely with a bigger team. On the other hand, you'll also have to deal with the fact that you probably won't have a lot to say in the project, as there will usually be an internal project manager / creative director.

    The other way to go (which is what I'm doing) is finding a couple of other freelancers with a different focus than yourself and teaming up with them on a per-project basis. You'll be able to tackle bigger projects in a flexible team and a flat hierarchy. But you'll have to find a co-working space or work remotely and you're less likely to get really big jobs at first because large corporations don't tend to trust freelancers with their biggest projects.

    One thing I would advise you to think about as well is that you should be pretty well set up financially (or at least have a pretty good plan) before taking on large (6+ months) projects. Even with down-payments, there will be months at a time where you will be swamped with work without a paycheck to look forward to. Big projects are super exciting to work on, but are a pain in the ass to handle, plan and complete. Always keep that in mind.

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    • , almost 9 years ago

      That last point is a very useful one, I've got a bit of cash behind me but hadn't thought about that before. Thanks for the advice

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