iPhone 6/6 Plus Blank Box

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Does anyone have any insight or thoughts as to why Apply choose to put a blank outline of an iPhone on the front of the box rather than the photorealistic mockup they used to put?

iPhone 5S: http://zagg-blog.s3.amazonaws.com/community/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/20130923_184714_1.jpg iPhone 6: (http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/iP6.1.091814.jpg)


  • Nirzar PNirzar P, over 6 years ago

    iPhone 4 was tilted on the box to show off the retina display and the angle of view of retina display is much higher.

    iPhone 5 was tilted further to show how thin it was than iPhone 4

    iPhone 5S was straight up to show the new iOS7

    iPhone 6 i think just want to focus on form factor and the new shape and don't want you to get distracted by the interface.

    or maybe I am just making this all up and they just went extreme minimalist on the new box.

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  • Dav ▩Dav ▩, over 6 years ago

    My two cents: This is way, way, waaay nicer than showing a photo/rendering of the actual iPhone.

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  • Ricardo MatosRicardo Matos, over 6 years ago

    maybe because of this :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/dasprogramm/8236610670/

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  • Marc CercósMarc Cercós, over 6 years ago

    Because iOS 7 is ugly :)

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  • Sarper Erel, over 6 years ago

    How much money do they save from ink, considering that they're planning to ship 80 million of these?

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  • Elmo JenkinsElmo Jenkins, over 6 years ago

    probably designed by Kanye

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  • Wes OudshoornWes Oudshoorn, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    My guess is that they want to highlight the different size and feel that it will have in your hand.

    From the photo I am also guessing that the white line is actually a bevel that you can touch :)

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    • Antoine Lord, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

      I think the exact same thing.

      I imagine myself at the Apple Store, holding this box in my hand, with my thumb on the fake home button.

      I would probably remember the iPhone much more than any other phone after that.

      The more senses are implicated, the stronger the memory will be.

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, over 6 years ago

    I'd say it's to show off the "iconic" iPhone shape with round home button that is so recognizable. Sort of like Coca-Cola showing only the silhouetted shape of their Coke bottle.

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  • Stephan AngoStephan Ango, over 6 years ago

    Because they can.

    Seriously though, that's the reason. The iPhone has become so iconic that a silhouette is enough to convey the content. I'm sure the cost savings also contributed to cementing that decision.

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  • Robert PadburyRobert Padbury, over 6 years ago

    My guess is that there's no way to accurately reproduce the colors from iOS UI in print. If you look carefully at the 5S Box, the colors are off.

    I do like the "iPhone in Carbonite" look though, and I think the spot varnish on the home button and speaker grill are very nice touches.

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  • Alex HeetonAlex Heeton, over 6 years ago

    Reading these comments, I'm really shocked that a design community is second-guessing this box based on factors like ink cost or packing speed, or colour reproduction of iOS on the box.

    This is Apple: it's an experience decision and nothing else.

    Perhaps they like the minimalist aesthetic, perhaps they wanted it to be a unique and interesting box, perhaps they wanted to let the iconic silhouette stand on its own.

    Whatever the reasons, there is no way in hell that the cost of ink on the box factored into it.

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    • Sarper Erel, over 6 years ago

      Oh that's for me.

      As much as Apple is a design company it is just as much an operations company. Everything is designed to lower the cost, higher the profit as well as they deliver the best experience.

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      • Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

        Apple is a luxury goods maker, who makes their money from inflated prices, not picking the cheapest option.

        Of course, all companies need to operate in a cost effective manner. But for a company whose brand is so intimately tied with design and luxury, it is highly unlikely that these sort of cost considerations have a huge sway within the company; especially for something as trivial as printer ink.

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      • Alex HeetonAlex Heeton, over 6 years ago

        No, things are not designed to lower the cost as well as deliver the best experience. Your ordering of that phrase highlights your mistake.

        Everything is designed to provide the best experience foremost, within some constraints like time, technology, cost, logistics, etc.

        The costs of printing a box are so incredibly tiny compared to the experience, there is no way that Apple would have put that concern first. It's a design decision and nothing else.

        (And note: the embossing of the outline will have been way more expensive than printing colour on the boxes).

        Luckily there's a simple way to see which of us is correct: look at future iPhone boxes. If the box is blank to save costs, to make it easier to pack etc. then they'll stay blank. If, however, it's a design call based on aesthetics, brand of the iPhone 6 etc. then future boxes won't be blank.

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  • James Dinsdale, over 6 years ago

    Notice it also says just "iPhone" not "iPhone 6" or 6 plus. They can use it again when they introduce new models

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    • Adam SelbyAdam Selby, over 6 years ago

      This makes me think that (hopefully) I'll finally be right about Apple producing one iPhone line. Updated on a non-regular cycle (similar to MacBooks), with choices of screen size. 4", 4.7", 5.5". $99, $199, $299 subsidized pricing. Throw in a "lite" iPhone like the 5c form-factor for $0 subsidized. Slightly behind the other phones, but not absurdly so. This would be very similar to previous MacBook pricing, where you had the plastic MacBook, and 13", 15", and 17" MacBook Pro lineup.

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  • Nour MalaebNour Malaeb, over 6 years ago

    It makes it easier to package iPhones faster. They don't have to match the iPhone color to the print on the box, they can have one lid for all models. Considering how strained their supply chain is with keeping up with demand, maybe this move was to help get iPhones to people faster.

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    • First Last, over 6 years ago

      Apple matches the color of the text that is on the side of the box, " iPhone", to the color of the phone inside. So they couldn't use one lid for all the phones. But I'm sure you are right that printing that small amount of text is a lot quicker that a full rendering of an iPhone.

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  • Johannes EckerJohannes Ecker, over 6 years ago

    They probably just wanted to do something new? The Packaging Designers at Apple want to try new things as well ;-)

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  • Emir BukvaEmir Bukva, over 6 years ago

    Probably wildly unreliable but what the heck, conspiracy theories are fun: To minimize the risk of photo leaks. :)

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  • Micah SivitzMicah Sivitz, over 6 years ago

    Maybe they're planning another change to the UI and they don't want to have to reprint millions of boxes when they update the interface.

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  • Victor WareVictor Ware, over 6 years ago

    because we allll know what an iPhone looks like now.

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, over 6 years ago

    Over Minimal

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