Looking for a young and enthusiastic Frontend as a partner in crime

over 5 years ago from , Director at Love the Craft

I've been working agencies for over 10 years now and worked in some big, some small all over Bristol and London for a whole bunch of clients including Google, eBay etc etc.

I recently started my own company as a one man band and I love it. My experience from working in agencies has brought professionalism and structure to my work. But the freedom I get with my own company brings responsibility and a closeness to the work, the client and the numbers that I didn't get in a large agency.

I love my work but I find there are not enough hours in the day (who doesn't have that problem). So I'm looking for a partner in crime, a Robin to my Batman if you will, that can help me out on a project by project basis. The work will be interesting and varied and I'm only interested in paying good money for good work. I'm also keen to get back into frontend (having had a 5 year break) so it would be a partnership and knowledge share. My experience in Strategy, Business, UX/UI, clients and relationship building in exchange for some basics on best practice coding.

If you fit the bill (you don't have to wear tights and a mask, in fact better if you don't) then get in touch alastair.stone@gmail.com. I don't mind if you're remote but would be better if you lived in London or the UK.


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