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9 years ago from , Freelance JS & iOS Developer

Landing Page: http://pubcrawlapp.co.uk The App itself: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pub-crawl-london/id846500966?ls=1&mt=8

Hey DN!

I've been working on this on and off in my spare time for a few months now, finally got approved by Apple and it's available for download :)

It's a simple pub/bar crawl planning app for Londoners using the Tube network as your route. My main aim was to try out the swipe-from-station-to-station interaction, and I think it turned out pretty cool. Here's a preview of the interaction:

Pub Crawl: London's Tube Swiper

There's also a money-making element to it, in that there are three free Tube lines included in he app, and the others are in-app purchases (this was the cause of approval delay!)

I'd be really keen to get people to download the app, try it out, and at this point any feedback about the landing page or the app are very welcome. You folks are the first I'm sharing this with since release!


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