• Paulo TeixeiraPaulo Teixeira, over 6 years ago

    When I click on "View More" in your selected projects I get a forbidden page, link: http://kerem.ws/works/

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  • Alfonse SurigaoAlfonse Surigao, over 6 years ago

    I take it English is not your main language? I noticed quite a few grammatical errors in some of your headlines. I suggest maybe having a native English speaker comb over your content.

    Example: "No need beauty, need effective interfaces. These skills that I able to do that."

    However, the site is very well done. And I love the animations and interaction elements you used. Very fluid.

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    • Kerem SevencanKerem Sevencan, over 6 years ago

      Yeah, it's true. I'm happy for your feedback, I need these :)

      I created this interface only three weeks. And I can't focus the words. But I'll focus on this.

      So thank you! I liked simple animations :)

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  • Kerem Sevencan, over 6 years ago


    I just redesigned my personal website. I would appreciate any feedback people might have.

    I hope you will like the animations.

    Check it out here: http://kerem.ws/

    Best regards,

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