Ask DN: posting job listing in smaller markets?

almost 7 years ago from , freelancer

Basic Question: Where do you post a job listings in smaller cities?

Background: My company is looking to hire an additional designer, but we're about 1.5 hours away from the type of big city that would we would end up being listed in. We're looking for local talent with a couple years experience that is already in town, but not having much luck with Craigslist/local papers.

While this is a college town, we're not looking for a student or recent grad so we haven't reached out to the design department there. Where is the best place to post? Things like LV, AIGA, and Smashing Magazine seem a bit too national for what we're looking for. Is Behance a better option? I suggested to my boss we find out with the design department has some sort of alumni network either through email or Facebook we can pass along the job posting to, but other than that, we feel kind of stuck.

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