Staying on the Path

7 years ago from , Product Designer at Facebook

I'm interested n hearing from leads and creative directors on how they guide and inform clients on the value and power of their solution. How do you get clients on-board with your vision and how do you keep them on the path to the solution? How do you balance their wants and needs with the wants, needs and expectations of their audience?

I'm genuinely curious how my own ways of doing this align or differ from yours.


  • Marco SousaMarco Sousa, 7 years ago

    From experience, one of the strongest tools is seeing reactions from user testing sessions. From high level service design copy to micro interactions in an app, getting user feedback (selected users that are a good representation of the audience) provides immense value both for the designer and the client; blockers become clearer and validation of multiple points happens quickly.

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    • , 7 years ago

      @Marco, that's really great feedback. Crafting a user experience through testing, data collection, and iteration is a solid path to a well designed user experience. Those are my go-to tools for any project as well.

      But what happens when you present those findings, craft your solution, and either the client or steak-holders insist on their own ideas?

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