Ask DN: Unsolicited Development

over 8 years ago from , ⚡️Design

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone telling me that they spent roughly 2 months implementing a design I did for an email application. I was pretty impressed that someone would take the time to do that – especially someone that I didn't know. He sent me some screen captures of him using the app and although it was browser-based (not as I had intended), I still thought it was pretty well done.

After exchanging some emails back and forth, I asked him if he wanted to work on implementing this with my original vision in mind and that's when things got a little weird. He replied with an extremely long email saying he was basically a struggling college student and hadn't had much luck doing freelancing (gee, I wonder why) and didn't know if he could spend any more time on it. I sent an email back basically saying "best of luck".

Has this happened to anyone here before? Is this a common tactic or am I just being an ass in thinking that this guy was trying to pitch me?