• Sam SoffesSam Soffes, over 6 years ago

    Had a really good time building this the last three weeks!

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    • Kelly SuttonKelly Sutton, over 6 years ago

      Nice! What was the hardest part about putting it together?

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      • Marc HemeonMarc Hemeon, over 6 years ago

        I'll let Sam chime in here on the engineering side. But getting the app to actually play this many concurrent videos, while allowing scrolling was very difficult - right now when you scroll we pause the videos - this is a nifty trick Sam came up with so we wouldn't overload the phone. I think they ended up rebuilding this part of the app at least a few times to really get it right.

        The other big challenge was just saying no to features - I am putting a medium post together of the design process and I think we went through 16 design iterations? something crazy. And we worked at a crazy pace. We literally worked everyday, weekends to crank this out - but it was so much fun. Hope it makes you smile!!!

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  • Josh OsborneJosh Osborne, over 6 years ago

    Love the fact that the camera is live right there in the top of the feed. Taking out that extra step of activating the camera is really great!

    Love it so far. Can't wait to really get into it!

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    • Patrick LoonstraPatrick Loonstra, over 6 years ago

      And the fact that the pics are very very small, give people the feeling that a picture of video does not have to be perfect. Which gives the pic a real realtime experience.

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  • Brendon BigleyBrendon Bigley, over 6 years ago

    I've been having a blast with this app. Super simple, very casual.

    Like Instagram's "Discover" feed meets Snapchat stories.

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