Tell DN: We're opening registration

almost 7 years ago from , Intent Renderer

Hey DN,

We feel that DN has reached a new level of maturity where it is more self-policing than not. With that in mind, we’re opening up registration to everyone who would like to join.

We will still keep a watchful eye on new accounts to ensure the quality of the community. Existing members should see no difference except a sweet new color for their profile. Consider it a small thank you for being a part of DN.

To streamline the process, the participation of new users will be tiered over the course of a week. When you first join you will only be able to comment and participate in discussions. After 1 day, you will gain the ability to vote. After a week, you will be considered a full time member and will be able to submit stories.

We’re aiming to roll out these changes by Monday (September 15, 2014) morning.

Thank you for continuing to make DN a great community!