Ask DN: What do you think of a CMS-like platform for creating web apps?

6 years ago from , Web Designer + Engineer

I’m a designer and front-end developer. I’m sick of being limited in what I can do in the web app world for my own side projects, etc even though I consider myself a good front-end developer. I think there may be a way to create a tool or platform that allows front-enders to build web apps with very little to no backend/server-side knowledge.

I've created a Google Doc for gathering feedback with more detailed info, which you can see here! Let me know your thoughts here or on the doc!


  • pjotr .pjotr ., 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    So something like Parse[1] or Firebase[2]? They are anything but a 'CMS', however they do allow you to essentially store any data on their backend. Simply do your front-end development and call their API.

    EDIT: Just looked at the doc and noticed that you mentioned firebase. Can you justify your comment that "you still need some backend knowledge...[to use firebase]" . I'm not saying your wrong but perhaps you mean a deeper understanding of programming concepts? Deeper than what a typical designer has?

    EDIT 2: Something like this -> http://stamplay.com/ ?

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  • Matt Smadner, 6 years ago

    This seems like the type of idea I would take to the guys at Assembly.


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  • Paul DessertPaul Dessert, 6 years ago

    Hi Jordan,

    Backend development can be simplified to some extent and there are a lot of frameworks that try to accomplish this. The main problem with what you're proposing is going to be the lack of flexibility. Instead of creating another tool, you might want to check out a few frameworks in the language of your choice. Sure, you'll need to learn the fundamentals, but once you do that, you'll see what I mean.

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    • Jordan Bowman, 6 years ago

      Hi Paul, thank you! I know about the lack of flexibility, that's one of the main problems with this idea. I've been looking a little more into frameworks and I think I could figure things out!

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