• Tyreil PTyreil P, over 5 years ago

    Milton Glaser is learning how to use “Gradient Overlays” in Photoshop. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

    Seriously though, if this wasn't The Great Milton Glaser, and instead was just some random person, do you think it would be received well?

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  • M. Appelman, over 5 years ago

    Kinda feeling the logo but, the execution of the campaign is pretty weak, buying useless crap is not really helping the climate...

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    • Armand GrilletArmand Grillet, over 5 years ago

      buying useless crap is not really helping the climate

      I'm not sure it's useless, but it's really weird that there is no information about the buttons' manufacture.

      I would like a screensaver for this cause, easier to get and I think it's an effective way to spread the word.

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      • M. Appelman, over 5 years ago

        Agreed, they could have at least listed some more information about the product. Wonder if the bag the buttons come in is plastic or not.

        And good idea on screensaver. Could also do wallpaper, icons and maybe one of those Twitter avatar things as well.

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