• Agne KlimaiteAgne Klimaite, 9 years ago

    Great site!

    FYI, if you navigate to 'About' and click on @jenschuetz, it takes you to @weightshift.

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  • Chris MousdaleChris Mousdale, 9 years ago

    Lovely design. And a real break for the 'norm' in web design right now.

    Refreshing, although it is quite a classic print design / structure.

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  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 9 years ago

    Such a sick site! Love the hover states on the portfolio links. Colfax looks great in any size or weight too, though the lowercase 'a' looks a lil funky?

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    • Andy SmithAndy Smith, 9 years ago

      I tried to do that effect on my site, but couldn't work out how to do it. And I didn't want to use sprites to cheat it. Think I'll have a look see into their code.

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      • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

        How would sprites be cheating? There's no such thing as cheating in code. There's just smart and not smart. Sprites would be smart but it may be difficult if you're using a CMS.

        They have a background image on each link. Then they clip the text shape out if the image using:

        -webkit-background-clip: text;

        Then on hover, they make the text transparent so you can see the image using:

        -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;

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        • Andy SmithAndy Smith, 9 years ago

          True, but it would be cheating in terms of the way I would have wanted to do it.

          Sounds easier than I thought, thanks for the info ;)

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  • Nick Dominguez, 9 years ago

    Always been a fan of Naz Hamid's work and I really like this new grid/type heavy design. I'm generally not a fan of animated team photos but in this case it works. It "lightens" up the overall feel for the site.

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