Ask DN: When to step away from a project / client?

7 years ago from , Founder @Claan

Excuse me if this post became rather long...

We have been commissioned to design an iPhone app, redesign the web application and graphical identity. We have finished the discovery and requirement specification phase and in a first iteration we structured the different functions / screens and mapped the relationship between the components to get a total overview of the project. In a second step we looked at competitors, references etc. and started to work on the information architecture, group similar functions, content and so on.

To summarise, the presentation of the results so far has been well received with the only problem, that the client keeps requiring "navigation like in app x", "interactions like app y".

We have tried to be very careful explaining our reasons behind the interaction and information architecture and pointed out, that for this specific app repeating interaction pattern, visual hierarchy and simplicity is more important than an app loaded with animations and effects.

How do you respond to comments such as: "with a fly menu we are adding the unique/novelty factor" or "we will get media coverage by adding effects" and "it is a personal taste to use side navigation or tab bars"?

We don't believe we can deliver the best solution if we are just hired to add the icing on the cake (and it is boring) although it seemed in the beginning as if we had the trust and liberty to put our thoughts into it, so it isn't an easy decision to step away from this project out of various reasons.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What is your advise?

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