• Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    It’s been good for me.

    ✓ Photoshop CC 2014 (minor issues with full screen mode)

    ✓ Illustrator CC 2014

    ✓ Skala Preview (didn't work on preview 3, does now)

    ✓ iStat Menus

    ✓ Soulver

    ✓ GitHub for Mac

    ✓ Slack

    ✓ Mou

    ✓ Coda (I’ve only used it lightly so far)

    ✓ Hammer

    Dropbox does work, but occasionally freezes for me. Killing and reopening gets it back up and running.

    Skala View on iOS 8 preview 4 also works (I’ll be doing some Android L testing soon). I know they shouldn’t break, but all the Bjango actions and scripts are working — make sure you reinstall the actions and scripts if you’ve upgraded to Photoshop CC 2014 though, because doing so will clear them.

    Be very, very careful when playing with TextEdit’s open window.

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    • Luis da SilvaLuis da Silva, 7 years ago

      Your reply interests me. So, are you able to copy any file link in your Dropbox folder?

      When I first had my DP1 I had a lot of crashes and stuff. Meanwhile I turned back to Mavericks 'cause I use Dropbox a lot and I just can't live without that menu option Share Dropbox link.

      Can you check that up for me?

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      • Greg Mathews, 7 years ago

        This Share Dropbox Link right click menu option does not show up for me in beta 3 (Something that bothers me also.)

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 7 years ago

    Yes, totally.

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  • Matt CastilloMatt Castillo, 7 years ago

    It's stable as far as betas go, but if you do decide to install it, I highly recommend that you back up all your data and install it on a partition.

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  • George ChenGeorge Chen, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    The most recent build (DP4?) is much better than the previous DP3 build on a development machine.

    I am planning to install the upcoming Beta on a home iMac.

    No plan to install Yosemite on my day to day production "I use this to earn my pay check" machine at work.

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  • Dave CDave C, 7 years ago

    I'm using it on my main macbook pro since the first beta and never got a "big" problem. Just some crashes with safari and itunes. But all "graphic design" apps works really well.

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  • Alexis CreuzotAlexis Creuzot, 7 years ago

    I'm on the last Preview. It's still pretty wild with crashes.

    If you don't plan on making a new partition and doesn't have another machine to work on, I'd say don't bother !

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  • Ken BarloKen Barlo, 7 years ago

    Well it's up to you to make the change if you want, I've had it on my main machine since beta 1 and so far it's MUCH more stable than the beta of Mavericks. Btw..I use a crap ton of extensions and apps...

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